Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Additional information

Hi, girls:

I hope you are enjoying working your expressions. Don't await to be in class next Monday.

I suggested some of you:

a) To work individually by the moment, so when you are together, you will have to share your information with the other's and make an only homework for the group.

b) When you are together you will have to create an e-mail name for the group, after having agreed with the other groups the number of each group, for example: (for group 1, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 2, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 3, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 4, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 5, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 6, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 7, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 8, 4o.oficinista "A") (for group 1, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 2, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 3, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 4, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 5, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 6, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 7, 5o. Bilingüe "A") (for group 8, 5o. Bilingüe "A")

And so forth, depending on your group and your section.

Ok, girls, I hope to see you all next Monday.


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