Friday, October 29, 2010


Planning Your Vacation After School -

Choose Antigua Guatemala

After your school year, take a break. Refresh your mind, enjoy your life. You have to do this or else you regret it later. I mean God gave you eyes to see the beauty of everything. How can you do that if your attention is for only one subject - your books. You will ruin your life if you ignore to see the beauty of Antigua Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala is considered as one of the successful towns in Guatemala so explore around and see it by yourself. The place is surrounded by lots of hotels so definitely you have nothing to worry about finding one to stay at. You should ask your peers to join you in your vacation. The more, the merrier. I believe in this statement so don't waste your time by doing nothing to invite them to join you.

There are great Archaeological Sites around there. View them all and choose for the hotel you think it is the best for all of you. Yah, I perfectly understand that you are not yet professional. You only have money because of your parents, like your friends do.

Don't worry about that, you can find a vacation package that perfectly fits for the you. How many are you? Ten or less? No problem with that. All of you can occupy a bed and have a great time.

See how fun it has to plan your vacation? Just, grab the opportunity before it becomes too late. Remember, this is the moment where everybody has the time to have vacation. Also you will have the opportunity to establish a friendly social relationship with people visiting Antigua as tourists.

When you have your room in one of the hotels, take a look outside and you will realize what I mean. From there you can see the best spots in Antigua Guatemala.

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