Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homework of Modal Auxiliary Verbs

You may work in pairs. Each pair has to give me a written report as follows:

a) Choose the best answer. Explain with details why you chose that option.
b) Also, explain why you didn't choose the other two.
c) Translate all the sentences into Spanish.
d) Write the phonetic symbols (pronunciation) of the whole sentence.
e) Use a computer.
f) Avoid to deliver copy of another work. It will be null and void.
g) Include your cover with both names, section and grade.
h) Delivery date, Monday, February 27.
i) Must be given to the teacher in class.
j) Grade: 10 points.


1. ___ you speak any foreign languages?

a. May
b. Can
c. Have

2. Liz ___ get tired of her job. It is so boring.

a. has to
b. must
c. should

3. Where's Nick? He ___ be in his office.

a. might
b. mustn't
c. is to

4. Take an umbrella. It ___ rain later.

a. has to
b. need
c. might

5. Jack ___ go to hospital yesterday.

a. must
b. had to
c. need

6. You look tired. You ___ go to bed.

a. should
b. ought
c. are to

7. You ___ do it. I've already done it.

a. must not
b. need not
c. ought not

8. ___ it be true?

a. Must
b. May
c. Can

9. ___ we stay or leave?

a. Will
b. Would
c. Shall

10. Jane was so tired. She ___ have worked days and nights.

a. should
b. must
c. need

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